søndag den 31. oktober 2010

Design a Metal 3D Printer MetalicaRap Team labitat.dk Denmark

inspire each other!

Criteria ; Design a Metal 3D Printer ,
that produces dimensionally finished parts +- 20µ m , largly self reproducing, electrical supply limited to single phase ( ie not 3 Phase,), minimum consumables beyond metal powder ( avoiding need for e.g.argon gas ... etc,),cost for parts less than a small car, buildrate can be slow i.e. .2KG per hour, no bigger than a wardrobe.

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  1. if metal fuse in contact with oxygen, it will instantly rust. That is why we use argon on mig. if you want to avoid use of gas , i suggest vaccum room. But im not sure how metal fusion will react on vaccum. Mig weilder can cost 3000$ and get attached to a gantry bot , weilding wire is cheap and precise. For vaccum , a homehardware compressor used reverse could to the job , and plexiglass and cocrane could resist atmospheric pressure easily (only 14.2lb).

  2. 2 KG per hours seems like a lot. Your plan sounds pretty ambitious. Of course, no revolutional improvements would be made if people weren't ambitious or ignorant. I was igorant when starting out with RepRap and finally I have replicated 4 bots and designed another one with 2 friends.

    I wish you good luck and hope to contribute/comment when you post more details on an approach.

  3. What is the status of this build?

  4. Hi, It's has been now a few years that I noticed your project and I find it really interresting. Since there is no news on the projects since a while, i'm curious about how the thigs are going, if anybody managed to have a metallic printer working. I found a turbo molecular pump and I would love to use it to build this printer. Nathann