lørdag den 29. maj 2010

Rapatan shield base board electronics v1.0

New Mendel complete electronics consisting of 2 stackable boards (Rapatan shield base V1.0 and Mega Board).

On base board ; 4 steppers, 3 opto end stops, 2 heaters (Heater bed 10A, & 3A) 2 Thermistors

Base board is now working just firmware update so heating bed will work automatically. Will do test production at fab house then release so you can all order your own boards from fab house.

Any suggestions for multiple print head version by the addition of Board 2 ? fans ?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looks nice at first glance. A link to your shield design files (schematic, BOM, gerber files, etc.) would be helpful to your readers. Hopefully you used a free/open source circuit design program for this?

    How much heatsinking are you putting on the stepper controller chips? It is very difficult to see this from the PCB layout image alone. Have you tested maximum stepper current of at ~1.5A on each stepper on a prototype board?

  2. Nice work,, however I noticed that your using pins 24 & 26 to control your heat mosfets this will only allow you to uses simple bang-bang control of your temp/heaters, which will work fine. However if at a later date you wish to add PID control and use a PWM signal it would require a re-route to one of the Arduino Mega's PWM pins (2-13).

  3. Still testing, I will try 1.5 A test for each stepper , and thanks forthe idea about using a PWM for heater bed control, great feed back. Fiiles will be released once fab house version has been tested. kind regards & happy development.